Here you can find answers on the most frequent questions asked.

  • The ice sculpture will last approximate 6 -10 hours, depending on the design.
  • The first thing that will melt away,is eyes, feathers  ectopic.
  • A sculpture melts 1 cm per hour in room tempature.
From few kilos to tons, but average for a single block is 80 kg.
We can freeze in almost anything, flowers, tools, bags, jeans etc. If you have some items you would like to be frozen into the ice,please feel free to contact us
We also color ice, BUT we recommend to set up the ice out of reach. We use fruit color you will have your fingers colored if you touch the ice.
We don’t add anything to the water, but take the calk out. The freezing method is what make the ice clear an strong.
All sculptures are handcarved with chainsaw and high speed tools, so anything is possible after your wish.
A week’s not is and preferably before. In some cases we would be able to help you within 24 hours.

Feel free to give  us a call.