Cocktail Ice

High-End Ice Cubes

A good bartender knows, the ice you use for cocktails should never be an afterthought. Ice not only chills your drink, it dilutes the alcohol, and using low-quality water or the wrong size cubes can ruin an otherwise carefully crafted cocktail.

Use the rigth size and ice quality, you will never go back to regular ice.

Large cubes melt slower.

than one-inch cubes, reducing the amount of dilution of a drink while also looking impressive. Large cubes can also be used for shaking, as they add extra fluffiness to drinks like daiquiris.

Since it is so essential, cocktail ice deserves more than a little attention. If you’re using cubes that have been in the freezer for months or ice made with tap water, it’s time to step up your game. Better ice really does make better cocktails!

The Purpose of Ice

It’s easy to think that the sole purpose of ice is to chill a drink, but it has additional benefits. When a cocktail is shaken or stirred with ice, the ice breaks down and adds water to the drink. This dilution marries the drink’s flavors while mellowing the alcohol and heavy fruit flavors to create a smoother and more enjoyable beverage.


All cubes are handcrafted for your specific needs.

Spheres are 5,5 cm in diameter.

Diamant 7 cm, with space for a small logo, with a stamp.

Icestamps are very popular, M Ice Designs will be happy to help you, with the best ones in town.