Ice Cool Teambuilding

Break the ice with your colleagues

Fun with ice and you colleagues. A great way to get to know your colleagues better. We have great success with this event, where anybody can propessipate, any age will have some fun.

Find your creativity and sculpture it in ice

A fun and different type of event, where there are space for the very concentrated to the more relaxed style.

A typical way of the event

Groups of 2-3 person, each group will be provided with 1 clear ice block of 50 x 50 x 25 cm, 75 kg. Gloves and tools.

The assignment could be the company’s value, free style, or any given task.

Before the carving starts, you will have a short introduction in how to Handel the ice and work in it with different techniques. Handling the tools and safety issues.

Normally you will use 1 hour for this event.

The sculptures can be used for decoration for you dinner in the restaurant etc.

Awards can be added to the event.